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About Dorabo Tours & Travel

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Is a limited company incorporated on 30th July 2018,  Founded by Mr. Nandala Michael and Ms Doreck Mpumwire and a Sole owned Ugandan company fully registered with Registrar of companies and licensed to run tour and travel business.

Dorabo Tours & Travel is Located on Parliamentary avenue – Bhatia building Room 9, Next to Ministry of Justice or opposite Jubilee Insurance Uganda, Kampala Capital City.

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To provide our clients with first class personalized service solutions  that will improve business profitability through affordable fares


To become a leading tour and travel services solution provider in the great lakes region with unequalled service excellence by 2025


i ) To ensure effective and quality travel service delivery to all our clients.
ii ) To realize market share growth.
iii ) To continuously recruit and maintain customers to Dorabo Tours and travel company.
iv ) To widening the need and desire to explore tourism sites globally.

One of the top travel agents in Uganda

Dorabo has something in store for everyone.

Assures you of a hassle free travel with best and cheapest flights and hotel reservations through our simple booking gateway that searches over 1500 airlines and 1000 hotels.

Takes travel needs into consideration offering the best budget saving deals for international destinations.

We understand the power of simplicity and the pain in complexity and are well aware that you are looking for a travel which is memorable not trouble. This is why we have made our website simple, easy to understand, fast and secure.

Be it a business tour, a luxury city break, a budget friendly family holiday or an adventure vacation

We have had the privilege of providing tours and travel services to various passengers from and to different parts of the world making Dorabo one of the large contributor to travel in and out of Uganda.

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Our Clientele ranges from:-


These can be Foreign employers/employees, tourists, Business persons, Domestic and East African tourists, Families e.t.c.


Churches, Corporate groups, Companies like Labour Exporting Companies, Institutions like Education Institutions, Sport Federations e.t.c.

One of the top travel agents in Uganda

Dorabo Tour & Travel Services

Choose your Destinations With Dorabo & it's Operational Team

Key Benefits of Our Services

We do all the work so you save on time and money

You get travel expert advise so that you have a great time

Can separately book and pay in instalments for flights and hotels

Can speak to someone face to face in case of a complex booking/problem

Allows flexibility

Advise on consequences of flight changes and cancellations

The customer is highly protected compared to those who do online bookings

Business Opportunities

Customer’s needs and requirements

Affordable, Reliable and Timely travel Service

A memorable tour experience

Unforgettable holiday experience

New Service Development

Dorabo has a new product in ticketing that is scheduled to go to the market this year.

Service Brand Name – “Soma Ticketing online”

Targeted market – Secondary Schools students

No identified competitors

Our Key Strengths

Choose your Destinations With Dorabo & it's Operational Team

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What people say about us

We are One of the leading travel agency offering different Travel programs and Tours  designed with global requirements in mind.

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Incredible Travel Experience

To those who wish to experience one of the best holiday time ever, we are excited to offer unlimited fun is represented in a great way.